October 11, 2010

Today is the most perfect day in my entire life

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Today is the most perfect day in my entire life. Emma loves to use big words, blanket terms as such. I guess it has to be, if you are immersed with new and big and fantastical words, and if you only have merely seven years to sum up.

Emma has grown, taller, prettier, more confident, thoughtful and helpful every day. Talking about confidence, obviously she thought she was the BEST, so one day she questioned me indignantly: "ok, you think Annya is as GOOD as I am?" What? Emma? She still has her little mean side, always making sure she is in charge. "Annya, you did not listen. You do not get any snack". That is a sure cry inducer.

It is a confidence-killer for Annya though, with a sister who draws, talks, and tells you that "Annya, you still need to learn many talents, such as, counting, doing math, writing ..." Everything Emma does, Annya would want to do. Emma is reading her fairy book, Annya wants to read Harry Potter. She would not want to read "baby" book now. Ouch. She would not want to draw, she always begs Emma to draw her a baby, a princess, a bird. Emma would be so proud she would say: "Annya, I draw the coloring pages for you and you color". Ouch! I would have to say: Annya, no. I love the little babies you draw. It is your work.

Yung is always, in Emma and Annya's words, "the prince charming, my hero, my ultimate treasure". In words only. When it comes to caring for him, Emma and Annya are completely not reliable. They only have at most 2 minutes' patience. The next minute, Yung would have snailed himself under the couch and crying. He is a beautiful and happy baby, slowly started crawling. He can say: ma-ma, ba-ba ... no da-da yet.

(Oh, always forgot to keep note: For Emma's birthday, we went to a concert, the singer Laura Doherty actually sang a "Happy Birthday" song for Emma. Wow, cannot want anything better. Other than that I forgot my camera!)

Monday, October 11, 2010
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