October 28, 2010

Halloween and Little baby Yung

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It is Halloween time. For little kids, it is candy time. Emma is obviously happy, however torn by her conscience. And Annya has always welcomed junk in her life. Now the word junk is equivalent of candies, cookies, chocolates. Junk by default just means something sweet and a little bit forbidden. Mommy, can I have some junk? She would ask. Mommy, can we buy this junk?

The battle is lost before it even starts.

I grabbed some costumes from thrift store for them. Annya was a little minnie mouse, Emma was a queen, black-and-red ruffles and long train. Being a slender girl, she actually looked quite queenly, which was an untended result. Annya, on the hand, still has a little pooh-bear tummy and looked less like the light minnie. We all suspected she has had too much junk/candy. Time to be restrictive.

Yung is still everyone's prince charming/my darling. He is growing cuter each day, with impossibly large and bright eyes. Mommy, mommy, I want mommy! Everyday, I see that in his eyes, in his easy lovely smiles. Now that he can crawl, he crawls at my direction whenever i put him down. He says ma-ma very long ago, soundly beat Louis' predication that he would say "da-da" first, because it was easy. No. Ma'ma always comes in first.

Thursday, October 28, 2010
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