October 09, 2010

Emma's Golden Day

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Emma is no longer 6 and a half. It seems like she was stuck on that number for a long time. Just last week, she still was 6 and a half. She turned 7 on the 7th of October. She continues to do well in school and is becoming a great artist. I believe she has two left feet in her dancing class but she is making up for it in her cooking class.

Annya is also doing well in school. All the teachers love her and say that she is doing a great job. She is in training to become a Princess. Emma is her mentor. Her mentor can be a little mean at times. Annya a Princess doesn't do this! Annya a Princess doesn't do that! Even after all the yelling is done, Annya would look at Emma and say, you are a Princess.

Yung continues to grow and become stronger. It is a struggle to change his diaper. He cant sit still for a minute. Yung is a great crawler in bed. He is the best eater from the kids. He has yet not tasted something that he doesn't like.

Happy Birthday Emma, may you live to see another Golden Birthday!

Saturday, October 09, 2010
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