September 11, 2010

Back to School

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Emma finally makes it to 1st Grade. All we heard all Summer long was when do I start 1st grade? I want to go back to school. How many more days? blah blah blah. She has grown into a fine young girl. Her pants are noticeable shorter.

Annya also had a nice Summer. She was exposed to her first school bus ride. Mommy and Daddy were fortunate to take several field trips with Annya riding a big yellow bus. Now when Annya sees a yellow bus she will say that she wants to go on a field trip.

Yung has become a great eater. If it is eatable, he will eat it and if its not, he will still put it in his mouth. At first when he tries something new he will give you the google eyed look. After his taste buds kick in and analyzes it, he wants more.

We are fortunate having three great kids. Each one will be unique and special in their own special way. Maybe we should have a fourth child. Maybe not.

Saturday, September 11, 2010
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Yup! Back to school and I am getting some educational toys for my kids too and have to get them off the internet

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