July 17, 2010

Summer Time

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Emma is enjoying her Summer Camp. She already has gone on two field trips. Her last trip was to the beach. The temperature was about 97 degrees. Her cheese melted in her back pack before she had a chance to eat it. She still said she had a great time. She also goes swimming daily. Her goal is to be a swimmer when she reaches 18. For now she is content with walking and hugging the swimming pool wall. She does have a beautiful tan.

Annya is doing great in pre-school. The teachers love her and say she is a good singer and dancer. At school she is very neat and responsible. She takes her time when working on a project and then puts everything away when she is done. Hopefully sometime soon she will use these skills at home.

Yung has reached 6 months old. Mommy has done a great job taking care of him and the two girls while trying too find time for her own job. He now has two little teeth and wouldn't hesitate to bite your finger. He will grab anything and taste it. He is very observant and will grab things from your hands when your not looking. We can't wait for words that will come out of his mouth and too see his first foot steps.

Saturday, July 17, 2010
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tere616 said...

Hi Xun,

How are you ? it's been a long time since my last visit to your blog.

You have 3 kids now ? Wow .. congratulations Xun :-)

Can't believe it, Emma and Anya, both of them are beautiful princess.

Will come back again and read your post as usual.

Xun said...


thanks! How are you

tere616 said...

Well .. life is not easy now, especially after the economy impact :-(

We have to start it over but it's life, isn't it ?

Hope everything's going well with you :-)

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