June 03, 2010

A Day To Remember

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It is Sunday, a day before Memorial Day. Emma asks where are we going? We are going to the Cemetery. What is a Cemetery? A Cemetery is a place where people rest in peace after they die. We are going to give flowers to my Mom. Your Mom didn't go to Heaven? Her Soul did go to Heaven but our bodies will stay on Earth. After will arrive Emma asks, does your Mom fit in that small box? No Emma, that is just a name plate. She is in a coffin. What is a coffin? Have you ever seen a scary movie with a Vampire who comes out of a box? Yes. That is a coffin, this coffin is a lot nicer. Daddy your Mom's last name is also Rodriguez. Is that how she looked when she died? No Emma, that is a picture of the Virgin Mary on the name plate. So your Mom died here? No Emma, this is a place we decided to lay her body.

Thursday, June 03, 2010
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