May 19, 2010

The kids

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Yesterday, Yung hit his four-month birthday, before that, Annya became 3 and Louis reached an undisclosed age.

The past few months, Annya has contracted all sorts of illnesses, occasionally serious, mostly minor. She had sinus infection, peumonia, stomach flu. She was in and out of fever now and then. At one time, she got pink eyes, before long, Emma and Yung had their eyes all pink and junk-filled. All had to be pinned down to receive their eye drops.

Yung seems to have inherited a robust body and health. His weight always hovers above 94 percentile and wears clothes 6 months bigger than his own age. With a chunky body and double-triple chin, his neck becomes an easy target of redness then infection. For that, we have consulted three doctors and a dozens of website. They say, keep it clean and dry!!! Yeah, but how?

Emma, somehow survived the winter and the forever attacking of germs brought by Annya's uncovered coughs, sneezes and throwing-ups. Of course, she herself too coughs openly with a giant smile. However, other than pink eye, she has been OK. Even Louis and I had come down with fever at one time.

Emma has been doing very good, great, brilliantly in her school. Everyone raves about her. Kindergarten is easy, admittedly. However, with the great teachers, nothing is too easy or too difficult. Everything is fun. She loves her lit lab, where she reads, writes, tells stories. Over the course of less than a few months, they have experimented writtings from poetry, fiction, nonfiction, letters ... Emma brings home letters, love notes, little anecdotes for all of us.

Emma has developed into a true movie fan, watching every possible movie about princesses, fairies, and the last unicorn. She reads fairy books at a speed of 50 pages one hour, buying her fairy books is like throwing money into water. She also tells me long and winding fairy stories

Annya is loved by her teachers and friends. She is very very smart, more than I have expected. She can easily count to 10, she loves counting. Books is her love. We read books indiscrimately. And we often read the same book over and over again. Like Emma, her language skills are incredible. Her English is fluent, however, at the price of Chinese. She has picked up some Spanish.

Yung is the little baby with the most expressive eyes and voices. I bond with him instantly. He gives me gorgeous and generous smiles. He hates tummy time, he loves books and his little toys. He must be very smart too, his light in his eyes tell me so. Babies cannot talk, however, when they are interested in something, they look at it long and intentively. Yung is like that. He looks at every page when I read, his hands open and shut, his fingers wiggle, trying to grab the book ...

It has been challenging trying to keep peace at home. With the arrival of Yung, Emma seems to have become combative. Every little thing can ignite a fight between her and Annya, the spot sitting next to mommy, the "best" spot to watch Yung bathe ... they fought for Yung's toy, they quarrel about which book to read ... on and on. Dealing with a sister like Emma is hard, who talks no-stop, who is so immensely proud of herself. Annya resorts to cry / telling on Emma to mommy/daddy.

In the household, there is no lack of cries and whines, however, there is also tremendous fun and joy. With three kids who know or care about pretty much nothing about cleaning, our house is constantly in a mess, books, clothes, socks, half-eaten apples ... however, we play, dance, sing, act silly nonetheless.

I cannot wait to see the girls grow into the beautiful, smart and well accomplished young women, and Yung the strong, handsome and intelligent superb young man I know he would be. However, every minute i have now with them is just precious.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
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