April 24, 2010

Winter Survivors

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We made our annual inspection for surviving plantation. The final report was mixed. Good news first; all our tries survived, even Grandma's apple tree that was made from a seed of an
apple that we had eaten. Unfortunately we had some causalities; some of our flowers didn't make it through the brutal winter.

This year we are implementing plan b. Instead of buying flowers, we decided to buy flower bulbs. It was a cold and windy Spring day but it wasn't enough to stop Emma, Annya and myself from doing our Spring planting. We pulled out the dead flowers and planted the new flower bulbs. Hopefully in the Summer we will see new signs of life.

Annya and I will be celebrating our birthdays soon. She will be 3 and I will be over 30. Emma and Annya are making the invitation cards. On Annya's birthday we are planning a one day trip; the following day we we have dinner with family.

Yung is getting bigger and more observant. He is on a one day on schedule and a one day off schedule. He will stay awake for a good part of the day on one day but needs to sleep the whole second day to make up for the first day.

Saturday, April 24, 2010
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