April 05, 2010

More is Less

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One evening we were eating at a restaurant. Emma wants to order a soft drink on her own. I give her a five dollar bill. She returns with her soft drink and brings back 4 dollar bills and change. Emma then says, Daddy I'm getting better at ordering my own stuff. Yes you are Emma. I have a question Daddy. After I paid the cashier for the soft drink, why did the cashier give me more money back. What do you mean Emma? I gave the cashier 1 Bill and she then gave me back 4 Bills. Why did she give me back more bills if I paid for the drink? Emma you are a great reader, we need to work on your math skills.

Annya continues to learn more Spanish and can even sing some songs in Spanish. We signed her up for Summer sports and she had a great time. She even got a new pair of gym shoes out of the deal.

Yung continues to pack on the pounds. He now gives us daily smiles. His favorite saying is ah ya. Hoping we have a long warm happy Summer with the kids.

Monday, April 05, 2010
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