March 22, 2010

The glass project, etc.

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The other side of believing is gullible. Other than believing fairies and princesses and heaven, etc., Emma these two days firmly believes that if you soak broken glasses in water, somehow the shards would lose the edge and become dull. We say no, Emma, it won't make a difference. She says: Yes. To prove us wrong, she started her experiment, putting shards of a broken glass in a little cup of RED water.

Now we wait...Magic shall happen!

Emma is also obsessed with the movie "The last unicorn" and all of its theme song. So now we are saturated with everything about "The last unicorn". Not even Annya, especially Annya, can escape the influence. Even though she confuses the red bull with the unicorn, she uses the phrase "the last unicorn" again and again. Now "the last unicorn" has become the coolest thing to mention, more than "Indiana" and "Chicago". Being the most attentive mom, I got Emma the book "The last unicorn" by Peter Beagle, hoping this would initiate Emma into the world of modern literature and fantasy.

Everyone is obsessed with something.

Annya's obsession? A dress, more specifically, a dark purple dress! She wears it to bed, to school. She cries when the dress gets wet. She wants her purple dress! She wails if I have to wash it. The minute she gets to school, she has to show her teacher her purple dress.

I thought Emma was impossible to surpass in her passion to be the most girlish girl. Now she has some serious competition.

So far Yung has been the simplest one to handle, who does nothing but cries some, eats and sleeps lot. So Emma wrote a little "poem":

I have a crying brother
he sleeps and cries
sleeps and cries
that's my little cryer

So they grow. So time goes.

So little by little, springs arrives with its warmth and generous gorgeous sunshine, so little by little, we resumed to our little routines of going out to play and for plays and shows. So we drive in a car full of babies and semi-babies, with all its whines and giggles, quarrels and talks.

Is it the most fun or the creaziest thing to do in the world?

Monday, March 22, 2010
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