March 08, 2010

Are you a Ruler?

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Emma and Annya are having an issue with the bedroom door. Emma wants the door open and Annya wants the door closed. They go back and forth. The door opens and closes several times. Finally Emma stops and calls Annya a Ruler. Annya replies that she isn't a Ruler! I have no idea what a Ruler is and how does Annya know that she isn't a Ruler? I then grab Emma and ask her what is a Ruler? She then tells me that a Ruler is someone that makes up all the rules. Daddy, I thought you knew what a Ruler was? I didn't know until you told me.

Once in a while Emma would say that Annya wants me to lay down with her for a while. Annya never confirms or denies the request. This time Emma asked if I would lay down with them before they go to bed. Annya later grabs my chest and asked what is this Daddy? I then tell her that it is my shirt. She then grabs my chest again and says; no Daddy what is this? I then realize that she is grabbing my breast. I then tell her that it is my breast. She then replies, yes Daddy it is your breast. Just before Annya falls to sleep, she kisses me on the forehead and says goodnight. I don't think it can get any gooder.

Monday, March 08, 2010
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