January 22, 2010

Our new baby

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Saturday, Jan. 16th, 2010, our little baby was born, 9 lbs 1 oz, 20.5''.

He is a big baby by all standards. However, when he came out, he looked wrinkled, skinny, SMALL to me. I said: what a little monkey, while the doc and nurses were claiming him as the "big baby who came out in two pushes!". Obviously a hard-to-achieve feat!

Louis is very proud of the boy, thinking he is best looking guy in the world, while I just told him that right now the baby does not belong to the beauty category yet. Not yet. For a few days, he had been incredibly red, red patches everywhere. He does have a full head of black, shiny hair.

The days after he was born were probably not days of joys. Besides having to take a million tests, being needled a couple of times a day, circumcised, diaper-changed and butt-roughed-up every a few hours, he had to use all his might to make sure he is picked up, rocked, swaddled well, and get all the milk he wanted in the world ... And he loved to curled up and sleep in my arms like a bean bag.

Fortunately he survived ...

Emma and Annya are doing fine. To Emma, this is deja-vu, she is extremely excited and proud and loving, she wrote on her blog that the baby is sweet and small (New Baby), she penned a "poem" saying the baby's head is like a ball; Annya is trying to do her best with the new arrival, her mood shifts from joyful curiosity, asking questions about milk, about my tummy ..., making fun of the baby's yucky diaper, to completely hurt: I want mommy. Mommy, hold me! Mommy, mommy ...

Love them ...

Friday, January 22, 2010
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