January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mommy

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Mommy celebrated her birthday with us. Emma and I took Annya to day care. Emma had the no school today so we went shopping for Mom's gift. After we found her gift; we needed a birthday cake. We found a nice little Mexican Bakery that had great cakes. Emma and I agreed on which cake to buy. It was a good choice. Everyone loved the cake, even Mommy.

Annya worked hard at day care making a birthday card for Mommy. Emma is a great drawer but I think little Annya designed a nicer birthday card. Annya has also pleasantly surprised us with her talking skills. We know that Emma can't stop talking and Annya is the quiet one. But Annya missed a couple days of day care because she became sick. Mommy, Annya and Daddy were sitting at the kitchen table and Annya wouldn't stop talking. We then realized that Annya isn't a quiet person; Emma doesn't give her the chance to talk. Yung couldn't enjoy the good food and cake. He has been placed on a restricted diet. Next year he will be a one year old and a handful...

Saturday, January 30, 2010
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