December 13, 2009

Winter Wonder Fe$t

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Our kids and our money went to Navy Pier. The girls came back but our money stayed. Emma and Annya had a great time. Just seeing the girls smile was enough to cover our expenses. They both designed and eat their own cookie. Emma said that her cookie was too big. So I unwillingly volunteered to eat the rest of her cookie. Don't know what happened to Annya's cookie. I know she didn't share it with Daddy.

Emma was hesitant about going on the slide and ferris wheel. Once she came off the rides she would have a chip on her shoulder and say that wasn't too bad. Annya was able to ride several rides with Emma. Hopefully mom will post some pictures.

Sunday, December 13, 2009
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Xun said...

Not too bad, money-wise. We budgeted for more, however the kids were so tired, so were we, we ended up canceling other activities

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