November 03, 2009

Treats & Treats

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My first Halloween with the girls. Mommy was feeling tired and opted to cook dinner while we went on our mission searching for candy. Our baby is getting bigger and stronger while Mommy is getting slower and more tiresome.

I was always told to stay away from the light; but tonight we will walk towards the light and ask for treats at every lighted house. Before we could even make it to our first lighted house, we ran into a Scream Masked Costume. Annya began crying; "I'm scary Daddy, lets go home!" I tried telling her that the ghost wasn't real; just like she really wasn't a dinosaur. That didn't work. I then remembered her love for chocolate. I carried her to the first house and we received a reeses cup. I then told her chocolee. She continued crying and wanted to go home with Mommy. We then went to the second house. More chocolate, she still was crying and wanted to go home. I then second guessed myself; will Annya be scarred for life, never trick or treating again. We then reached the third house and the crying and tears had stopped. She then smiled and said chocolee. The rest of the night she roared like a mouse saying trick or treat and of course thank you.

Emma was a Princess. She never made any threats of tricks. She would walk up with a smile and hold her tin can forward and say thank you after she received her treat. Emma and Annya both share a fear of man's best friend. Emma was schooled very well by Grandpa; he told her never to run from a dog because it will think you want to play. She runs away anyway because she says that she doesn't want to get a shot. She does have a point.

After about an hour it was getting darker, colder and scarier. Emma questioned my navigational skills. Daddy you said that we were going to walk in a circle. We haven't walked in a circle. Do you know where the car is parked? My arms and back were hurting. Annya and her tin can of candy were getting heavier & heavier. We then called it a night and enjoyed some of our fruits of victory. Mommy was impressed with all the candy and called Daddy greedy. Daddy just has Halloween Skills.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009
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