November 25, 2009

Time moves forward

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Annya is now 2 1/2 and has turned the corner headed to 3. She has become more independent. Annya can get dressed by herself. Sometimes her shirt is on backwards. Instead of turning her shirt around; she posses with her back to you and says nice shirt. I think she is creating a fashion statement. Annya enjoys helping mom cook and making a mess in the kitchen. She is actually a great egg cracker. Once in a while a chipped eggshell will fall into the egg yolk. She then puts her whole hand in the yolk and pulls out the shell or sometimes we eat crunchy eggs. I just cant wait until she is tall enough to clean the dishes.

Emma continues to do great in school. She is one the the top students in her class. The only complaint by her Teacher was that she doesn't raise her hand enough. So we instructed her to raise her hand more often. She then asked what if she doesn't know the answer? I told her to just raise your hand anyway; the Teacher won't pick you all the time.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
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