September 18, 2009

The first weeks in school

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Has been almost two weeks since the girls go to school, actually for Annya, it is only the first week. It has been a hard week, she lost all appepites to eat, at school she could not nap, would not play. At night, she woke up crying.

On the other hand, Emma has been extremely happy and excited to go to school everyday. The first day, she exclaimed: oh, it is not bad at all. The second day, she said, this is not just a kindergarten, it is a fun kindergarten.

Every morning, we take the kids to school. First Annya, who would be reluctant, whiny, resisting, asking for her grandpa, while Emma would be the very understanding, kind sister, who keeps talking to Annya about how school is, how she does fun things everyday, how she should eat and play and make new friends. It always comforts me to see the two girls together. Then we will take Emma to her bus, or take her to school directly.

It has been hard to comfort Annya, and I almost lost faith in the school, started to miss Emma's school terribly. Then it seems that Annya started to turn around, started accept the teacher, even though she is in tears. Yesterday the teacher said she interacted with other kids and were trying to eat ...

Cross my fingers ... I also hope the school is good, nurishing and stimulating, she can have a happy year there.

Friday, September 18, 2009
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