August 18, 2009

A mini-vacation at Wisconsin Dells

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Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Aug 7, 8 and 9), we took a mini-vacation in Wis. Dells.

To be exact, we spent most of Friday and a big half day of Sunday driving, sometimes in pouring rain, most of time soaking in some happy Chinese songs. We played the same CD over and over, Louis and I took turns being the DJ. Emma wanted this song, Annya wanted that song, they wanted the same song, sometimes they made comprimises. By the end of our returning trip, I was just happy I did not have to listen to the same old songs again and again.

It was a joy riding the car with the girls. Annya pee-ed once in the car. Oh-oh. We have been training her to use bathroom for a long long while, for a short while she seemed she had learned very well, then all is lost. Louis is especially mad.

To our surprise, we got to live in a cozy, comfy 2-bedroom villa in Wis. Dells, a fully furnished 2 bed rooms, with all coooking supplies, dishes of all sizes, dish washer, everything for a family, minus all of the house-clearning work

We skipped a lot of crazy fun at Dells, no roller-coasters, nor kiddie race cars, no deep long water slides, Annya was too chickened to try the little froggy slide. Even Emma needed a lot of pushes to go on the bigger water slides by herself. In the land of wild intrepid kids, my two girls are in a different category.

We got plenty to do, plenty of sun, lots and lots of water, huge waves (we stood at the edge of the wave pool, waited for the wave to sweep over throng of people and then sweep over our feet, everytime Annya was scared to cry, then she jumped to her feet, extremely proud she survived), round and round of lazy rivers.

On Sunday, Emma and Annya played a little golf, a little sand box, posing for great many not-so-great pictures ... On the way we were talking about another vacation in Christmas ...

Some pictures,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
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