August 19, 2009

Emma's writing

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Emma has been writing "stuff" for pretty long now, signing her name on birthday cards, making a "No Candy" signs, scribbling out a shopping list, writing a love note to me (I got so many many "Mommy, I love u" notes).

I can hardly read her writing though, there is no correct spelling to speak of, so everytime she has to read to Me. The following is her sample reading, according to her, it reads

I love you
The best love
Valentine is fun
Valentine is fun and is best
I love you
I have a love bug
Love bugs are fun

It is actually one of eligible writings.

Good or bad, I loved them. They made me laugh.

By the way, isn't the way how Christmas is written as Xmas, trucks as trux???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
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