August 01, 2009

Emma and Annya and ????

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What's in a name? If a Rose were to be named something else could it still cut you? Yes! As you may or may not heard, we have a little one on the way. If you haven't heard, Xun was supposed to tell you. We haven't decided what to name our baby. All we know is that it is either a boy or a girl. If you have any suggestions for a name, we probably wouldn't use it. Actually we are leaning towards an Asian name. Even if it's a boy, my name is to common. Sometimes I get confused who I am and there are a lot of Louis that have bad credit.

Emma and Annya are both excited. Emma wants to be a twin. I told her that her chances are not very good. So she is content with being the big sister. Annya is being a politician, she doesn't care, she just wants to have a baby. Hopefully in January my wife will stop getting bigger and we will hear the cries of our new born.

Saturday, August 01, 2009
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