July 31, 2009


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July is almost gone, quickly, seemingly without my knowledge. For the most of July, I seemed to be in a state of half numbness, like a rusty knife. Probably it is because of all the hormones running wild, because of my pregnancy. Again!!! I do not how or what to feel, just sleepy, tired. (Made me really, really fear getting old. Does old feels this way? Drag your feet to death, would rather be sleeping all day

I remember I used enjoy mornings, fresh and happy, love the sunshine that flushed into my room. Now I do not even notice any sunshine. Old and pregnant and tired, always tired.

However, in the morning, the girls are always happy, chirping like birds, their voices sweet and pure. Annya would request her milk when she walks up, with all the urgency; Emma used to rattle at my locked door, trying to get me out. She does not do that anymore, now she would just be happy supervising her sister, teasing her, circling around her …

Cannot say July was a busy/eventful month. Now have moved to Indiana, we generally only ventured far to Niles for the little store called Jerry’s Garden for our groceries. On weekends, I took the girls to swimming, or kid-pooling. Louis and Mary Beth, made the living room into a play room. Louis painted one section of the wall with chalk paint, so the kids can happily doodle. Other than that, yesterday, my mom went back to China. We were worried that Annya would suffer, luckily she quickly got it, that she has said a big bye-bye to Grandma, Po-po has gone home, Annya has to take an airplane to see Po-Po some days later. She cried a little, then stopped. We were all very relieved.

So it went the July. Emma goes to her summer camp everyday. They do swimming on every Tuesday and Thursday, however, that cannot help Emma make any progress at all. Her strength and focus is to play a big sister to Annya, and Annya just copies Emma in every way. They fight, of course. They cry, blaming on each other.

Emma is also eager to declare her authority too, She would say: Mommy, I told you so and so, why you did not do so-and-so? At night, she wants to go back to 2-year-old, so she can sleep with me.

Friday, July 31, 2009
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