June 23, 2009

Stop the Clock

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The time we waited for is finally here. Winter is gone. Time for shorts, bathing suits, barbecues and air conditioning. Emma and Annya love to play in the water and sand. We almost lost Emma at the Indiana Dunes. We had to convince Annya that covering her sisters head with sand wasn't a very good idea. The girls did great at the water park. Emma decided to go down a large water slide with us. I just think that she didn't want to be left alone. Annya wouldn't be left behind. She also wanted to go down the large water slide. I talked to her all the way down. When we reached the end of the ride, her face was in shock and fear. As if to say, what the **** did we just do. She said that the ride was a "disaster." Emma wanted to go back on. Annya at first refused but to her credit she wanted to go back on. Once Annya realized that her young life wouldn't end, she had a very big smile on her face when we reached the bottom of the ride. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great Summer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
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