June 07, 2009

The girls keep growing

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Annya has improved drastically with her communication skills. She understands questions and can reply. It is so much fun communicating with a two year old. She listens to every word you say and can understand meanings to words she hears for the first time. Were still working on the potty training, she is about 80% trained. Once in a while she will have an accident. I try to be stern with her and tell her she must use the bathroom. She comes back with a big smile and says " bathroom OK." How can you be upset with a smile like that.

Emma is taking a break from school. She is Annya's teacher. Annya has learned a lot from Emma. Emma wants to be #1 in every thing she does. I just hope she takes this attitude and applies it to her studies. We want her to know that it is ok for baby sister to be #1 and that being #2 isn't a bad spot to be in. Emma likes to do everything by herself. This usually means that she has us take one step backwards before we can take two steps forward. In the long run, it will make Emma a better and more rounded person.

Our little family is growing...

Sunday, June 07, 2009
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