May 24, 2009

Summer Break

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School is just about over. Emma has done very well. It appears that my daily reading to her has paid off. She was accepted to Skinner Elementary School. Mom might deserve a little credit, but were not going to tell her. All year long we received emails from her Teacher telling us how well she is performing. We decided to give Emma one whole week off. She will be attending Summer Camp. We are hoping she can over come her fears of lions, tigers and bears. Actually, I'm a little jealous, I never went to Summer Camp. Maybe we won't send her to Summer Camp.

Annya is dying to go to school. She sees everyone either going to school or going to work. She will say that she wants to go to school and that she wants to go to work. Her English is coming along very well. She finally gave up talking to me in Chinese. I'm going to miss the stare she gives me when I don't understand what she is saying. She must think Dad doesn't know too much. Even though I have learned a couple of Chinese words from her.

Enjoy the Summer girls. Don't we all wish we can turn back the clock and be in their shoes?

Sunday, May 24, 2009
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