May 05, 2009


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April is supposed to be a beautiful month. The April this year in Chicago is a little cold, a little damp. Still it gradually warms up, occasionally sent us a lot of warm sun. Trees and flowers and grass finally woke up and turned green and opened up the beauty.

The spring indeed has come.

April is a little crazy for me, in a good way though. The past two months, I am probably one of the busiest person on earth. Got married, got a new job. The long-planned full-blown vacation to Washington was blown away though, because my new job.

The new job was a lot of fun.

Too bad though I could not spend more time with the two kids in this beautiful season. Emma definitely felt the miss. One day she asked me to draw a clock and mark the time at which I would return. She had me write down my phone number too. However, when she called, I was away. So she asked me, Mom, when I called you, why you said "Please leave a message"?

My blog suffered too.

Annya and Emma has grown beautifully. Could not read Emma many books as I have wanted, Annya got less reading. The plan to have Emma read to Annya has not worked out. However, Emma has always been eager to be the "sister", in charge of Annya's education, development and behavoir. With a sister like such, inevitably Annya has to cry. She admired her sister still. The two girls are inseperable.

In April, we decided to make flower gardens, vegetable gardens at the Louis' house at Indiana. So we had done a lot of work watering, weeding, planting, hoping ...

We plan to do more ...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009
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