April 20, 2009

Giants and Witches

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Giants and Witches seem to want to appear in the darkness in the little mind of Emma. There is no problem during the day. Just don't let the house get dark and everything will be fine. At night time, we need to keep the lights "open" so that a Giant or a mean Witch won't bother us. It is a nice tool to use to get the girls to go to bed. Turn off one light at a time and they will know it is time to retreat into their safe beds. Annya seems to be immune to the darkness. She doesn't understand the theory of a Giant or a Witch. It is a little harder to get her to bed. Hopefully her big sister doesn't tell her about big Giants and evil Witches.

Monday, April 20, 2009
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Xun said...

very nice little writting

Darrell said...

Your daughters are precious!

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