April 08, 2009

CPS headache

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On Feb. 27th, Emma was scheduled to take the CPS tests, one for gifted programs, one for classical schools. One is supposedly talent assessment, the other evaluation of your current "academic achievement".

I have always thought she was talented and well-into kindergarten level. Her teachers always give her glowing reviews, and she can just pick a book and read it though (if there are big difficult words, she would read them as "blah-blahs").

She thought she did a good job as well. She came out of the tests beaming, announcing that she was not even shy and she answered questions in a loud voice.

Well, this is probably a lesson that you cannot correctly evaluate yourself.

Anyway, she did not score in the 99 percentile range, she did not score above 130 on the gifted scale. As a result, she was not selected by any of the schools I applied for her.

She was not lucky either. She did not get picked by any of the magnet schools, despite the fact that I live next door to the great Hawthorne ...

Very discouraged, dispirited and puzzled. Kids of my friends are all either gifted or academically advanced. Each one of them cheerful and proud. I just cannot stop thinking, why? In all honesty, Emma is just curious, brilliant, happy and sweet, and she can read books like a kindergartner or first grader ...

The first test, the first setback in life.

The good thing is that Emma has no clue. She is not taking any stress, any blame, any make-up action. She is just as happy and carefree.

She kisses me goodbye every morning in all of her sweetness and cuteness. So I am happy too.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009
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