March 20, 2009


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Four months, that is the time that I dated Louis before I got married on Monday, March 16th, 2009. My mom picked the date, saying it was a double-lucky day. It is Feb 22nd by the Chinese Lunar calendar, it is my dad's birthday.

Sure. I could use the date.

Wedding is a magical thing for little girls like Emma. Princesses get married all the time then happily ever after. People get married with long white flowing gorgeous dresses all the time, with flower girls, with young women wearing dresses, bearing their shoulders, standing in the cold, smiling absently,

Not me though. Emma was probably a little puzzled and a little disappointed. Somehow somewhere someone does not do what books and everybody says. But I told her when one day she gets married, she can do a full-scale wedding if she wants to, if she wants to be one of those million people who wants to be stressed out in every way to look like a fancy princess.

So Monday Louis and I got married. Emma is already talking about her silly dad. Annya is indifferent to all of these. Louis is the first daddy-figure guy in her conciousness anyway.

Four months, that is how long Annya have come back from China.

She has grown a lot, especially her language. In the beginning, she could only say things in disjoint words, now she uses long sentences.

She is a bold, demanding girl, always fighting for the exact one thing that Emma has in her hand. The two girls play well together. Of course, they tell mom on each other all the time.

Surprisingly Annya is a little more shy when going out in a group setting. I took her to a few demo classes. She was always in the very watchful, half frozen state. She stared intensely at everything, everybody around her, would not move along with anybody. By the class end, she would warm up a little, happily say bye-bye to her teachers.

Well ... I guess like mother, like daughters,

Friday, March 20, 2009
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shuhong said...

Congratulations again my dear old friend! (Sorry, I'm a little slow.) May you have great joy, happiness and a smooth-sailing journey together!

Gladiator said...

Nice blog, especially i liked the cute pic you have posted. Very cute.....

Peace said...

Hi Xun, so long nvr visit you here. Yr children have grown! Time flies. I am having my third kid, coming to this world soon...

Wish you happiness, xun : ))

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