February 17, 2009

A little fish

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The past few weeks we have had a birthday party for me and a very pink overly sweetened Valentine.

On my birthday, I got great many great drawings from Emma. On each one she wrote "mom, I love you". We made a giant cake, wasted quite some money on very junky frostings, candy decorations and candles and sparkles. Sure the two little kids had a good time. Surprisingly Annya has no taste for cake at all. She barely touched it. Her food of choice is still forever milk. She wants her milk all the time, nothing but milk.

What is Valentine? A super pink, super sweet, super commericial made-up day for selling and buying candies and roses. I got both. Again Emma settled into creating many many beautiful pictures. She brought home from school a box of little sweet treats and "I love you" cards. There was one also came in the mail, with no name signed and no return address, yet with a lot of xoxos.

A mystery. Emma said.

We bought a little fish for the girls. The first day Emma was so excited she requested to go to bed earlier so she could feed her fish early. Annya, who we thought would go crazy about the fish, somehow showed little interests.

Still, so now we have a little pretty purple fish in a fish bowl.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
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