January 18, 2009

Snow days, slow days

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So the streak of holidays have run its course. Emma now is back to her school, I am back to work, and Annya is back to her schedule, whatever it is.

As usual, I have to think hard to remember what I did for the holidays. My memory does not come back in conversations, a hurried "How was your new year's day?". It comes in some unexpected moments, a little girl passing while staring at me with all of the intensity and curiosity, like the way Annya studies me.

Whatever we did for the holidays. We ran around from families to families. Both Emma and Annya have collected many toys, epecially Annya. Emma, probably influenced by me, are little contemptuous of toys. She is more interested playing with Annya, playing sister, playing someone who is more knowaledgable, caring and in charge.

They play toys indiscriminatingly. Toys are played, forgotten, discarded then resurfaced.

Yesterday, Emma and Annya played the little vegetable-cutting game. Emma was authoritive naming and cutting all of the vegetables, and expertly pretended that she has made a wonderful dinner. Annya of course followed suit, copied whatever Emma did.

Annya is a little parrot, however much clever and advanced. She copied whatever we say, and always managed to say the right and amusing things at the right moment.

Last night, she climbed the bunker bed, we scolded her: "Annya, it is dangerous. How could you?" She said: It is Ok.

We say, "Annya time to pee now".
She shake her head: "Annya does not want to pee."

Emma say: "I want ice cream"
Annya says: "Annya wants an ice cream too."


Sunday, January 18, 2009
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