January 23, 2009

Report card

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Teacher's comments on Quarter 2:

Emma has grown so much this term. She has become more sociable and comfortable with her friends. Her handwriting and drawing skills continue to be excellent. We are working to strengthen her decoding skills, so that she may become a more fluent reader. She has a strong grasp on numbers and has great critical thinkings skills. We are also working on her ability to be more assertive with her friends.

Later, I had more email conversation with Ms. Caunca, she offered more observations.

Emma does have strong Language, but this has grown so much this term, I feel she is developing. She is still slowly opening up to her peers. I have observed that she is still shy and prefers adult interactions. But I feel she has made great strides in comparison to the First Term. She has made more friends and I find her more often playing with other children rather than just watching. Her Gross Motor/ Physical skills are fine for a girl her age. she is not the most athletic, but she enjoys playing in the gym.

Friday, January 23, 2009
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