January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year

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When I was little, Chinese new year meant a great deal. You get to wear new / fancy clothes, there would be a plenty and a variety of tasty food, you are supposed to look red / happy, you get red envelops with money, sometimes you even get substantial amount of money especially when you are bigger. The time when I was about to go to college, I got hundreds of Huans.

For a few years after I came to America, Chinese New Year did not mean anything to me.

Now with my parents in town, everything goes by Chinese tradition again, as far as I can manage.

This year is the year of OX. Yesterday was the first day of Chinese Lunar Year. There are parties everywhere in China.

Emma was excited. She drew pictures and pictures of a Chinese New Year dinner. We invited people to our little crammy apt and we had a good time. Emma's teacher Ms. Caunca was with us too, which made Emma especially giddy. My mom brought red lanterns from China. We hung them up. Both Emma and Annya were amazed. Annya ran around and said: "Look. Look. How beautiful" ...


So that was the Chinese New Year of OX.


Annya is a little parrot, parroting whatever languages we taught her. And we have a mixed bag of languages, Chinese (in Mandarin and in SiChuan dialect), then English, then a little bit of Spanish. So one night Annya said: "Good noches"

Emma? Emma is doing well in school, however, she is one big procrastinator. She is always so slow getting ready, going to school, going to bed, then slow in falling asleep. I have not found one way or another to train her out of the habit.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
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