December 19, 2008

St. Luke academy

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Having moved to Lakeview for over 3 months now. Winter has quietly taken hold, with snow, snow and more snow.

I often fret about the house. So do my parents. It is old, feels cold. It is old, there are quite a few things that are not functional. It is dark and inefficient. It uses a lot of gas and electricity. It is big yet feels small. My parents often lament that it is not as good as my old one bedroom apartment.

However, stepping outside of the house, I love where I live. I love St. Luke academy, Emma's school three blocks away; I love my bike ride, five miles away from my work.

Over the three months at St. Luke, I think Emma has grown a lot. She developed a lot of literacy skills, she writes Journals, she reads well, she talks well with a rich vocubulary (Annya is very curious, she said. Would you sew this button, I appreciate that).

I like Loyola preschool too, I like their imaginative, creative, seasonal projects such as outerspace, ocean ... However I like St. Luke more. I think at St. Luke, they treat little kids as big kids, they let them do show-n-tell, they assign family project every month, they help kids read, they have annual performance that involve very little young kids ...

St. Luke also has French lessons, where Emma has learned so much and her teacher raved about how marvelous she was with language ...

I even like their 8-30 to 3:15 schedule, so when Emma gets home, she can play a lot with Annya. Also she gets Chinese lessons from my mom.

Yes, just for St. Luke's sake, I would move to where I am.

I like my everyday bike ride to work too, even in the snow, sleet, or a snow storm ...

Enh, Emma is going to perform on stage tonight. Will write about it.

Friday, December 19, 2008
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i agree your idea ! very nice blog

I think we should keep the same view, and then in our understanding of this point, and then deeper thinking!

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