December 05, 2008

Emma and Annya

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When you have two girls, you cannot help comparing, the looks, personalities, behavior patterns ...

That is just what I have been secretly doing.

Emma and Annya, my two girls.

Emma is soft, girlish girl. Annya, on the other hand, is a tomboyish girl.

Emma is slender, petite, very cute and pretty. She has narrow eyes. When she smiles/laughs, her eyes shut into single lines. And, boy, does she not love to laugh and giggle? She has delicate features.

Annya is stout and round. She has a bulging tummy. Everything about her is round. She has round dark eyes, round head. She loves to giggle and laugh too. She loves to wrinkle her nose and makes silly faces. However, in pictures, she tends to have a serious look, her eyes staring, mouth shut. Mom always says that with my camera, I never capture the real Annya, which is much more beautiful and cute. Emma is very photogenic.

Emma is soft, very forgiving and giving. She has always been willing to share her toys and food with people. She is a little unduly cautious. She is not physical. Rough tumbling is never her trade. In a new social setting, she is always on the fringe, watching, observing, then she blends in once she feels comfortable. Once she is in, she is able to make a lot of good friends. Actually, she has always been her teachers' darling.

Annya, on the other hand, is more assertive and aggresive, strong and unyielding. She is never afraid to start a fight, to grab a toy and run. Or if she cannot get it, she cries (this usually works, because then we would talk to Emma: you are a big sister, Annya is only a baby, blah ... blah). Annya is very physical, she does not have a sense of danger. She climbs everywhere, chairs, tables, the ladder of the bunk bed. As a result, she is prone to accidents. However as a tough baby, she does not cry much over such traumas.

It is a joy to watch Emma and Annya. Annya has found someone to copy. She copies everything Emma does. If Emma talks nonsenese, she talks nonsenses, like blah, blah; if Emma draws a picture, she has to doodle along; if Emma does a sommersault, she has to bend with her butt high in the air and rolls along ...

Both Emma and Annya are small. I hope they are not fated to be small. Hope one day they can shot up fast and tall. However, if not, they are still forever my favorite people in the whole world.

Friday, December 05, 2008
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Xun,
Sorry to contact you on your blog like this about your post last year on, but I couldn't think of another way to reach you.

The post is this (one line)

I'm trying to read an XML file and write the data to 3 tables in an SQL Server DB. Can you explain how you automatically generated the table diagram, your Fig. 2?

Thanks in advance and again I apologize.

X. Alzona
x (dot) alzona (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Xun said...

it is funny you found me here. Ok, can you post your question at DNS forum? I definitely will answer you there.

can u leave ur phone number to me???

I feel like I have seen in other places similar to the article, but it is not written in detail so that your works!

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