November 30, 2008

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Thursday was Thanksgiving day. I invited friends over, however, not on Thursday but Friday, no turkey but a chicken skinned, sliced, pounded and made into different dishes.

Whenever there are friends come over, Emma is always excited. So we did shopping together, she sat a fat stuff-penguin outside the door and drew an invitation picture and had the penguin hold it; she kept asking me: when it is going to be dark? When are my friends coming?

When friends did come, we had a great party. The best smiles are those of Jamie and Emma's. As in the above pictures.

Annya was a happy little host, running around, playing, talking cute.


Saturday, Louis, Emma and I went to ice skate. First time for me, somehow I was able to use whatever little roller skating experience I had before and actually skated around. Emma, being the second time on the ice, had many many great falls. She laughed, complained, screamed, stood up, took my hand or Louis', went on skating again. By the time we left, she was getting pretty good. Nice

Sunday, November 30, 2008
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