November 23, 2008

The first snow (in Indiana)

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In Chicago, it snowed on and off a few times, however, so far it has failed to leave any traces. Not in Indiana, there was snow actually piling up, not so much to make people frown at its inconvenience, just enough to have little kids say "wow" and play. So there they were. By the house of Louis', Emma in her bright red jacket laughing and Annya is like a little bouncing ball happily running around. I think this year I really can make snow man with them.

Enh, Emma and Annya. Now I always think about them, say their names together, as it is meant to be, as if there had never been time apart, Emma and Annya has been there for me forever. Love them.

Emma and Annya have been getting along so good now. Of course, from time to time, Annya, being very young and obviously stronger and more demanding in personality, would cry and fight to get the things she wants; Emma, being Emma, is more forgiving, protective and sisterly (therefore she would administer if Annya should get a candy or not). But the two is a joy to watch. At Louis' house, Annya had a great time climbing upstairs/downstairs, while Emma busy guiding her.

While my mother is still the default choice of Annya when she is tired and hurt, Annya has become very very comfortable with me now and with Louis, sometimes she would opt for Louis instead of me. She calls me Mama, she asks me to hold her, she would look for me when I am gone, she greets me when I comes back. She has the most beautiful smiles. She is very receptive of languages. She sings. She dances.

Sunday, November 23, 2008
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Peace said...

wow, i can imagine the coolness there. I have never touch snow before. It's so hot here in Singapore and how I wish I can have a touch of the snow...
Your children are so cute...wat a lovely photograph.

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