November 10, 2008


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Annya is back, so are my parents. Now the two-bedroom is full of noises, baby cries, baby laughs, and stuff. My parents stuffed their stuff in every imaginable corner. Well, I am happy, however, occasionally overwhelmed by needs to move around, feed the old and young, and keep the house in livable order.

I did not succeed. Last night, Annya was running around, then she placed her hands on the burning radiator. Ouch, she burned her hands. She cried and cried, she wanted no one but my mom. I felt helpless, because I could not give her the comfort, and I had no idea how to baby-proof that damn radiator, or anything else in the house.

In my mind, I can still replay everything about Annya since she came back. Unlike Emma, who was cheerful and accepting from the very beginning, Annya was guarded however friendly. She liked Emma right away. The two girls started playing together right away.

When she got home, she was eager to play. She played her magnetic fishing game. So we played with her. Emma and I dragged out every toy in the house. She was happy.

Sleeping at night was not so easy. She woke up around midnight, in total darkness, she started to feel her way around. She touched my face, my body, she tossed and turned, then she opened her mouth and cried at the top of her lungs. My trying to hold her was repulsive. She fought to break free. So I had to give up.

The next two nights she was better. Last night she actually slept through. However, the first thing she wanted was not me, she only wanted "po-po" (grandma).

I love her. Isn't she smart? She talks so well. She is so beautiful and mostly cheerful.

Will write about her tomorrow.

Monday, November 10, 2008
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