September 02, 2008

We have moved

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So we have moved. Everything big and small, heavy or light, junky or not, was crammed into boxes of all shapes and sizes. It took five trips to get everything done. That is how a house grows.

It is still growing. Moving to a new place, there is always something amiss. Nails, mirrors, who knows what.

Moving is not much fun. The first day, I left Emma with a friend, she had fun; the second day, she voltunteer to stay with us (Leo helped), claiming she liked to move things. So we put her in the car with things squeezed in every possible corner. She endured all this without much complaint. She actually helped moving little things, her little toy boxes, backpacks; the third, I unpacked, cleaned, and set things up. Emma was assigned some of the cleaning work, so she watched a few things. She was assigned to put on wall stickers, the kind of work she excels.

So we settled in. Now books on shelves, computer is up, kitchen functions. Yes!

New development:

Now I bike to work, to Emma's school, everywhere.

Today I took Emma to her school. The first day, a bright day. Teachers were out greeting kids, parents smiling taking pictures, students filed in. Emma was so surprised and immediately liked her school. She even got her own big locker.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
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