September 09, 2008

Settling down ...

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One week after we moved to this sort of upper scale neighborhood, where resturants are plenty, yet grocery stores are scarce, I ran out of gas pulling through my plan of installing new mirrors, cleaning house, etc., etc., so instead, Emma and I watched a couple of movies. She had her Bob the builder, I had a movie called There will be blood. (It has been a long time since I watched a movie just for myself). I also skimmed through a book The Soloist.

It was a fine weekend. Staying in the lawn, reading the books was fine, catching the last few summer days, that was fine. Running upstairs, downstairs, to get the laundry done, little by little, was not so fine. Trying free food at the Whole Foods store and slowly yet loudly (Emma was wearing a squeaking pair of flop flops, every step she took made a funny squeak) made our way back home, was fine.

So that was the weekend. Settling down.


September now. The day that Annya's coming back is near? Still two months. Emma and I talked about Annya almost everyday, how we will play with her, how Annya would admire the pictures Emma draws, how she could drink from a sippy cup, how she could say mommy, Emma.

I call home every week. Sometimes Annya is asleep. If she is not, she would talk her talk, with me baring making any sense. She can run downstairs, she has no patience staying home, she sometimes throws tantrum, she talks nonstop, music is her favorite ...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
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