September 30, 2008

Saturday classes

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As if in a sudden, we do not have warm sunshine any more. What a waste, we cannot go out to the backyard to play any more.

With fall, Emma started her string of classes. Ceramics and gymnastics.

Very fun.

We got to squeeze, knead, smoothe hard lumps of clay. The first class was to make a pot. Other parents were helping their kids make really smooth, fancy pots with bird handle, or roses. To me, been there, done that is pretty much the whole purpose. So I let Emma have the full authority and authorship. She made a very raw and rough pot with a lump head meant to be a butterfly handle.

She was very satisfied. So was I.


We had been to very sophisticated and orthodox gym classes before. However, this one was so different and so fun and so childishly fun. They roll, jump, run, backwards, forwards ...

We loved it. Emma said: Mommy, I wish you were a kid, so you can be in my class.

Saturday was music day. Sunday was a big shopping day.

Guess what? I picked up my guitar again.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
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