September 12, 2008

My bike journey and St. Luke

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The distance between 3238 N. Racine Ave to 17 N. State Street is about 5 miles. Every morning, I brave my way into a blend of cars, swear over that bus swooshing over and cut through my path, calculate the best route factoring in traffic, windingness and air pollution. Generally I make it to work in about 40 minutes, shirt cold with sweat, yet in a totally elated spirit.

After work, I bike back. Everyday. Through crowds and traffic, rain or shine.


Emma is completely at ease with St. Luke. So am I. Everyday her teacher Ms. Caunca emails parents with daily updates of what they do, songs, activities, books. Every monday I get a newsletter stuck in a red envelope. Things are organized and smooth.

It cannot be boring at home. Emma talks and sings and demands me to halt all things for her to produce surprises.

She speaks with more certainty and authority.

"Mom, you have to listen to me, then you can learn. OK?"

"Mommy, today we went to church?" (Yeah, St. Luke is a church school, yesterday they had a church service commemorating 9/11)

"Is the church beautiful?"

"Yes, there are many colored-windows. Very BEAUTIFUL".

"Mommy, do you know how to sing the RULES RAP?" She continued. "Like this: The rules, the rules , the rules of the classroom, don't fight, don't fight, or you will get into trouble. " She clapped her hands, swayed her body, voice swayed along.


She made up her rap: "the elephant that drink, the elephant with great big trunk ..."

Sound very good to me. Did the teacher teach you this?

"No, no, I made it up. " She rapped on.


Friday, September 12, 2008
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shuhong said...

You get to work out so much now! How I envy you. But, are u going to do that in the winter??

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