September 22, 2008

Eli's cheesecake festival: yummy and devilish

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ChEESECAKE festival. It sounds sweet and devilish. It is in fact sweet and devilish.

With Emma at the back of my back, I rode about one hour to the festival. I was prepared for that, felt adventurous and heroic.

However, I was not prepared for the boxes of free cheesecakes. Yellow creamy cheesecakes, chocolate fudge cheesecakes, walnut cheesecakes.

There is more. Samples after samples of the most delicious, gourmet dishes by executive chefs. Apple nachos, some kind of pasta, apple pancakes, some kind of pizza with the most tender cheese fillings ...

Within 10 minutes, I was so full yet still yearned for more cakes ...

Super greedy me.

Emma definitely has a different quality. She was almost indifferent, almost oblivious of the world of cakes and food. She frowned when I tried to get yet another piece of cheesecake. But she is a chocolate playful girl. She loved to stick her marshmellow ball into a flowing fountain of the most pure smooth chocolate (see the picture).

She loved to play. Merry-go-round, spinning apple, face painting, tattoos ... While it was free to make yourself fat stuffing cakes, it is hugely expensive playing. (Every kid playing activities cost a ton) :)

Monday, September 22, 2008
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