August 25, 2008

On the move

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Moving seems to be one indicator of instability. Narration of Tom Cruise's childhood always starts with his constant moving and changing schools with his single-mom.

I do not know. I am excited to move to a new place.

(And Tom Cruise becomes a great movie star.)

This weekend, I will uproot my little family and move. Emma will change school. Looks like my little home will always be within a short orbit of her school. Then maybe one day the center probably will be annya's school, or both of their schools, whereever they will be.

Emma took it for granted. She is always this calm and cheerful. She happily discussed the prospect of new school with me:

"Mommy, I will not be an explorer. Because we are going to move to Lincoln park. Oh, no, lakeview. Sally and Arron too. Then Mena will come back!"


Quotes from Emma recently.

"Mommy, I adore, adore, adore ... you". She said this after she learned the word "adore".

"Mommy, grandma is your mother, grandpa is your father. Right?"
"Daddy is your husband. Right?"
"He used to be. Not any more"
"Then he is just a daddy."

"Mommy, if you make a wish, then a white horse will take it up to heaven"
"Really? What wish you want to make?"
"The white horse take grandma, grandpa and Annya back."
"Where is heaven?"
"I do not know. Maybe it is your imagination".

Monday, August 25, 2008
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shuhong said...

Congrats on moving to a great neighborhood! Closer to downtown means, next time I'm in Chicago, we can meet up more easily? Hope the moving and unpacking is not too strenuous.

Xun said...

thanks. When will you be in chicago?

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