August 16, 2008

Happy Times at Loyola

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Emma was lucky to get into Loyola preschool.

The first year, she learned English. After staying mute for about two months, she suddenly bursted out of her silence and into a stream of English sentences. That was marvellous. Everyone was awed.

She made a very good friend, the cute little girl Sally. They are now kind of drifting apart though.

She brought home everyday pages and pages of doodling, messy webs of interwined lines, color blobs, big trees traced from precut shapes and smeared with layers of colors.

She loved her teachers and was loved back. When Noveil left, she made her a card, saying: you are very fantastic. Yes, she learned all those fatastic words.

She developed westernized appetite. Her favorite food: Macroni Cheese, pizza, salad especially baby carrots.

The second year, she graduated from an adventurer to an invistigator. The invistigator class surely have invistigated a good deal of things: family, different cultures, outerspace, the sea, movement and forces, seeds and plants.

The outer space project really blasted off. So Emma was full of outspace questions and declarations, which was somewhat embarrasing to me, because my knowledge of outerspace is pretty much at her level minus the unbridled imagination plus cliches. Thank goodness we have internet! So I pulled internet pictures for her.

Projects about seeds and plants are interesting. She was excited about her growing bean. In repsonse, we grew tomatos and flowers at home.

Her drawing skills have bloomed and become truely delightful. I am wholeheartedly marvelled at the colors, designs, and very imaginative yet semi-realistic representations. And they are getting better and better.

They hired a music teacher in school. Emma has learned a lot of great songs. She chanted them sometimes at home. So I learned some too.

This year she made another great friend at school: Philomena. Her teacher Dawn said: they were like two old women who have nothing to do everyday but chat, chat and chat.

She does not nap much anymore.

She grew taller, but still short standing with her same-age pals.

Saturday, August 16, 2008
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