August 02, 2008

Childlish (Great and fun) talks and songs

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Here are some things emma said that made me laugh:

The Morse store is so kind, they let us buy everything we want and let us pay money.

I am too sleepy to sleep. After I laughed, she got more ideas, she added: I am too silly to silly, too tired to be tired ...

She also said: Mommy, when you are doing computer work, washing dishes, cooking dinner, I will write everything in my books.

We make bread (cake with very little sugar) together, she said: wow, mommy, this is yummy, fruity and milky.

Here is her cake/bread song:

Do you know I have
a little little cake
that I bake
After we have lunch
We'll have some cake
that I bake
So much fun to eat.

Ah-be-di-da, Ah-be-di-ba,
We can make a cake together
See what we make
See what we do
There is so many things to do
Put in the powder
Cheese and sugar
Strawberry, Carrot and orange
At last, let's eat.

Saturday, August 02, 2008
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