July 09, 2008

What we did on this long weekend?

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July 4th was a really nice day. Nervous about a long drive, I got up at 5 and dragged Emma up at 7. We set off to Rockford, a small city at the northwest of Illinois. We drove about 2 hours, all the way Emma was in high spirit, looking around and commenting (like the way I used to, I was always amazed by the expanse of views, before I had to drive myself).

Great, we arrived safely. We stayed in a friend's house, had rasperries, bread rolls. Then we headed to the water park.

We had fun, a lots of fun. Even though I got mad from time to time, because I had to take care of three children (my friend took this great opportunity to leave to me both of her kids, one eight, one four), because I could not split myself into three, because the little boy was scared as hell and wanted to do next to nothing, and because we had to give up many of the more thrilling rides.

Even so, it was a lot of fun. Emma did a few safer water slide, sliding along a long long track. We climbed and swam, we screamed when the huge water bucket tipped over and water poured over us, we did tube slide, most of all, we floated on a double inner tubes along a lagoon again and again.

Almost immediately after we were out, Emma said she wanted to go again. Me, too.

On Saturday, we went to Anderson Japanese Garden. A fun tour, since we got to feed fishes. The three children used up four bags of fish food, then they threw little rocks at the fish. Ha, ha.

Sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday are homedays for Emma. Emma drew a lot of wonderful pictures, she drew how we played in the water park.

Tuesday we went to see Wall-E (the reviews really impressed me). A si-fi animation movie. Not very fun. We dedicided not to see movies anymore, not any time soon.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008
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