July 01, 2008

Little Annya

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I would not mind having a shaved head if it can be this cute. When Annya grows up a little, she would love and laugh at her perfectly round head.

Other than bugs, dogs must be the second most populated animals and Annya is a big fan of them. She loves looking at them. On the phone, she says "woof, woof". Little children are always interested in animals. Annya also quacks like a duck. How fun.

Annya grows and grows. Her language grows and grows. She say I am one year old. Children of one year old are tiresome little ones. She walks (a lot of time she would want to hold one hand of my sister or my mom), she climbs up and down, chairs, stairs ..., she pushes little cart in a store ...

My dad is still at the hospital for a small prostate surgery. A small, supposedly quick one, however, the doctors just kept him there forever. It is at times like this, you would want to be in a better hospital in a big city. My sisters, in-laws have to run around, take days and days off to take care of my parents. It is at times like this, I feel guilty and inadequate and terrible that instead of taking care of my parents, they still have to do so much to take care of me and my kids.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008
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Rinkly Rimes said...

I am new to Blogging and still looking for a way in. So many Blogs don't grab me. But your picture of your little Annya certainly did. I am an Australian Grandmother. If you look on my Blog, 'Rinkly Rimes' you will see pictures of my grandsons. One is only a bit older than Annya, but he's not talking yet! (That's the male for you)
Brenda Bryant

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