June 19, 2008

The Ocean is deep

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Now Emma's class is doing ocean theme. She starts to talk about ocean too.

A mini story: the ocean is deep

There was a family of fishes. And they lived in a castle, a fish castle. And they were safe. One day they went out to swim and some fish in the deep ocean got so happy because they were in the ocean and they had more friends to come. And they all had a tea party.

We are learning about the ocean.

We are learning about the ocean. Our housekeeping became beach. We have inner tubes. We pretend our toys are sea animals. We take off our shoes and sit bare-feet on the sea shore. We get sea shells and we fish.

A butterfly story:

There was a butterfly. The butterfly lived in the sea. Every butterfly stared at her because she lived in the sea. Even the birds started at her because she was living in the sea. Even there was little kids going to school and they were staring at the butterfly too. Even teenagers stared at her too. Even when it was night time everybody stared at the butterfly when it went home. Every fish stared at him too: why does she live in the sea?

Thursday, June 19, 2008
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