June 03, 2008

Emma's Chinese Heart

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Emma is a born Chinese, as much as my friend's son is a born ABC (America-born-Chinese).

My friend told me that her son cried when he was told that he was a Chinese. No, mommy, I am an American, I am not a Chinese.

Emma is more than happy to be a Chinese. She is always interested in any Asian-looking people. She loves Chinese music, Chinese books, Chinese games, Chinese cartoon TV. She loves looking at Chinese Characters and telling me: mommy, that is Chinese. However, learning Chinese is a different matter, it is tedious and hard work in any measure. When my mom was here, she taught Emma Chinese. In her words, her grandma is a half grandma and a half teacher. Now my mom is gone, she is lagging behind in her Chinese. And she speaks English nonstop.

It is quite intriguing to me, a person's temperament, character, inteligence. I do not understand how Emma identify herself with Chinese so much. I think it is a good thing.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008
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