June 05, 2008

Annya, Annya

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By now, Annya is able to say quite a few words. The favorite one is Annya. She says Annya all the time, Annya, Annya. Does she know that this is her name? Does she use it as the equivalent of Aiya? Nobody knows.

I am glad I picked the name for her, it sounds pretty and easy, even though sometimes people pronounce differently. Some people have a very nasal sound, some people put the Annya pretty much as An-nia.

Cannot care that much.

On the home front, Emma and I are trying to be a little more prepared each day. That means we have pick up the Chinese characters that grandma taught Emma. Otherwise, grandma would say: "Emma, how could you return me everything I taught you?" So we try to review those characters everyday.

My sister has promised to gave Emma gifts as she requested: books, beautiful dresses and candies. The candy part made her beaming while trying to hide her delight. "Ah-ya, why my aunt wanted to give me candies? Too much sugar. Not good."

I am difinitely excited: yeah, Annya would be home. Always itching to hold a baby, as if holding her in my arms.

I am surprised that I never felt much of the plight and hardships of a single mom.

Thursday, June 05, 2008
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